Mission Statement:

PillowMed’s mission is to make the world’s most comfortable, affordable and ergonomically sound orthopedic pillow.

About us:

PillowMed was originally envisioned by Dr. Christian Hansen in 2007. As a chiropractic physician he wanted a pillow that would improve his patients sleep through proper positioning while maintaining maximum comfort. Eventually, his idea evolved into a desire to make the worlds most ergonomically sound orthopedic pillow. The orthopedic pillow was invented and designed to help his patients sleep in a way that is more beneficial to the human body than any other orthopedic pillow on the market. PillowMed’s unique design not only allows one to correctly sleep on their back and side, but also correctly on their stomach.

Dr. Hansen put his idea into play by hand making the first prototypes for himself and doctors to test. After using this prototype for several years, he and the testing doctors knew that this pillow would benefit not only patients, but millions around the world. Dr. Hansen teamed up with Kirt Forakis to help finalize the pillow design for patenting and start the process of creating PillowMed.