reviews-240px“The PillowMed orthopedic pillow is the most superior orthopedic pillow available today. Not only does it accommodate all three sleep positions, it also keeps the neck and head in the correct anatomical position. Currently my patients are benefiting in many ways from this pillow and I know millions of others will have their lives changed from better sleep in the near future.  The PillowMed pillow is the new Gold Standard in orthopedic pillow design.”  – Dr. Heather Harrison, DO  (Family Medicine Physician)

“I use a PillowMed pillow and it works great. I have had neck surgery and have conditions that may require additional surgery, but with this pillow I have been able to get good rest and have postponed surgery.” -Rex H. Orem, UT

“I had my first night sleeping with the pillow and loved it, my neck had so much support, and woke up with no stiff neck. The one problem was I had to fight my husband for the pillow, time to get him one of his own!” Jenna H. Provo, UT

“I have been sleeping on a PillowMed pillow for a while now and don’t know that I could sleep without it. I used to get headaches a lot and I don’t have them as often now. I am able to sleep more comfortable and have a hard time getting out of bed now because I just want to stay in it. Everyone should try this pillow!” -Tiffany F. Tacoma, WA

“Dr. Hansen has been my chiropractor for 3+ years. He’d been talking about this pillow for a long time and I’d been complaining about ‘normal’ pillows for just as long. Now, I’ve been using my pillow for just over a week. It’s softened somewhat and it’s easily the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever used. My neck loves it so much.” -Jared G. Chicago, IL

“I LOVE this pillow! I can’t even sleep on my old down ones anymore. Every sleep position is much more comfortable with this pillow, especially for my neck. It’s a keeper!” -Karri H. Springville, UT

“I have had neck pain for the past 25 years. This is the best pillow I have found in a long time. I was using orthopedic pillows that I would have to take out the stuffing so I could sleep on it. Not this one. I am a side sleeper and did not have any problems with it. It is very easy to get use to for me. I am going to buy another one so I have a spare.” -B. Thompson Petaluma, CA.

“I have tried just about every configuration and type of pillow. I still had some difficulty using an orthopedic pillow when I heard about PillowMed pillows on a TV spot. I bought one, and now I feel I can’t live without it. I used to sleep on my side more, but the back position is so comfortable, I just drift off and wake up in the same position. And I never wake up feeling sore! It’s heaven!” -A. Wasden, UT.

“I bought this pillow out of desperation really… My girlfriend and I even made fun of it for its unconventional look. I was skeptical, but I woke up the next morning with less neck pain than usual (the difference was noticeable). Everyday that I used it, the less neck pain I woke up with. Today, I am absolutely convinced that the pillow has pretty much gotten rid of the pain from my neck (all within a period of a week).

I’m not going to lie; it does require some getting used to. It is not so comfortable to sleep on at first, but I am slowly getting used to it (gotta give it a chance). I wouldn’t use it for side sleeping since I’ve found that the neck pain returns when using the sides of the pillow for side sleeping (The product’s description says to use the side for side sleeping. I’ve found that the area with the hole will kill your neck if used for side sleeping or for “ear pain”).

I am a predominately a side sleeper, but I’m slowly training myself to stay put on my back since I find that it’s best for my neck. The product’s description makes a lot of sense. The body should be in the “proper anatomical posture” when sleeping. I think my posture is improving as well because of the pillow, but I think it’s too early to say (I will confirm in the future).

I had neck pain for over a year. The pain was on the upper back of my neck, where the skull and neck meet, making it difficult for me to massage it (only acupuncture was able to really get in there). The hole helps since my neck has nothing but support and the back of my head barely rests on the foam mattress.

I’ve bought over $200 worth of pillows (one which I also bought at Amazon and it was the only one I was able to return with a full refund). Some days were better than others. Most days I couldn’t even rotate my neck properly.

I’ve tried fancy foam pillows, a goose-feather pillow, and a “water pillow,” but none of them helped my neck. I would wake up with the worst neck pains and so would have to spend 15 mints every morning stretching my neck with some yoga positions to relieve the pain.

My sister got me a certificate for deep-body-tissue massage and acupuncture, but that only helped temporarily.

The fact is that it is the only pillow to have helped my neck so that’s why I’m giving it a 5 out of 5. Now you know why I don’t usually write reviews… they are just too thorough.” – William


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