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Press Release July 2012:

PillowMed launches distribution of its new, patent pending, orthopedic pillows. Created by doctors, these are the world’s first tri-positional pillows for back, side, and stomach sleeping.

July 10, 2012 – Orem, UT – PillowMed, an orthopedic pillow manufacturer, launches this month with a desire to change the way people sleep. Co-owners Dr. Christian Hansen, chiropractic physician, and Kirt Forakis, marketing expert, are excited to announce that their new revolutionary orthopedic pillow is now available to the public.

“PillowMed’s new patent-pending pillows have been tested and developed over several years by medical doctors and chiropractic physicians, and we have created a pillow that is unlike any on the market,” says Kirt Forakis. “People will sleep and feel better and wonder how they ever slept without one of these pillows. Our design will become the new gold standard in orthopedic pillows.”

While other pillows focus on material, PillowMed concentrates on the design because that is what’s most important to help people get better sleep. This new pillow keeps a person’s head and neck in near perfect anatomical position during sleep, whether on the back, side, or stomach. It is the world’s first tri-positional pillow that will benefit everyone, no matter how they sleep.

“I envisioned this pillow’s original design while working as a chiropractic physician to help my patients sleep and feel better,” Dr. Hansen says. “We spend a lot of time sleeping during our lives, and it is important to sleep in a position that is anatomically correct and comfortable. We should never have to adapt to our bedding—our bedding should adapt to us.”

The mission of PillowMed is to make the world’s most comfortable, affordable, and ergonomically sound orthopedic pillows on the market. Orders are currently being processed online at where you can order your pillows today.