Tips For Better Sleep!


Try to go to bed at the same time nightly. Your body likes routine which helps the brain program itself to slow down at your bedtime.

  • Sleep in a cool environment. Your body awakes in warm temperatures more easily.If you tend to overheat, try using lower thread count bedding. Higher thread cnt bedding can feel softer, but it also traps air easier due to a tighter weave.

  • Do not drink large amounts right before going to bed. Eating and drinking right before going to sleep increases you chances of waking up early to use the restroom.

  • Sleep in the darkest environment possible. Get rid of night lights, cell phone light, or any unnecessary lighting. Use blackout curtains, sleep masks and other aids to help keep the light minimal. Light stimulates brain activity through your eyes.

  • Be Active. Daily exercise will allow deeper sleep. Your body enters REM more easily when it’s fatigued.

  • Avoid taking long naps. Naps are not necessary unless your body is telling you otherwise. They can alter your sleep patterns and can diminish your deep sleep.

  • Cut back on caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and other stimulants. Stimulants keep the brain active.

  • Try taking a bath or shower about an hour before bed. This can relax any tight muscles that may cause discomfort.

  • Stretch before going to bed. Stretching can also promote muscle relaxation and decrease chances of spasms.

  • Use a high quality mattress. Make sure to keep your mattress up-to-date. It is also a good idea to rotate your bed 180 degrees every other week.


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