Why PillowMed Is A Better Pillow


The PillowMed pillow is designed by doctors for back, side and stomach sleepers and promotes proper spinal alignment while also providing support throughout the night in multiple sleeping positions. It is designed for maximum comfort to help you get a better nights rest and feel better the next day. There are 4 zippers and a chamber in each neck area for full customization.


Our pillow is a puffball polyester blend that is breathable and keeps it's shape while remaining relatively soft. A lot of companies want you to believe that their innovative materials will be the key for a good nights rest. These materials can slightly make a difference with sleep comfort, but they will never outweigh the importance of sleep position. Your body is most comfortable when it is in proper anatomical posture. It's how you sleep, not the material that you sleep on that matters most. That's what makes PillowMed the best for sleeping comfortably.

PillowMed has tested our pillow with doctors and patients to provide the ultimate in therapeutic comfort and position design. Results include: Relieved neck, shoulder and back pain by allowing neck to be in proper position; Reduced tossing and turning throughout the night; Increased comfort in multiple sleeping positions; Decreased occurrences of headaches, snoring and back pain; Breathable material for a cooler surface. It is also speculated to reduce facial wrinkles by helping the sleeper stay on the back longer while sleeping.


This pillow is the most superior orthopedic pillow available today. Not only does it accommodate all three sleep positions, but it also keeps the neck and head in the correct anatomical position. Currently, my patients are benefiting in many ways from this pillow and I know millions of others will have their lives changed from better sleep in the near future.
— Dr. Heather Harrison, DO